Dialogue in Progress: What I Wish You Knew About Me As a Muslim/Jew

Writer Deonna Kelli Sayed launches a timely conversation through writing and art for Muslim and Jewish residents of North Carolina.

What is DIP?

Dialogue in Progress (DIP): Exchanges between N.C. Muslim and Jewish Neighbors is co-sponsored by PEN America and it’s PEN Across America initiative. This project is in response to rising anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in the United States, the complex relationship between spirituality and identity, and the increasing difficulty to have meaningful conversations around Israel-Palestine on campuses and in larger community spaces. DIP acknowledges writers and artists as essential for healthy communities, and values what Muslim and Jewish North Carolinians contribute to the State’s cultural and civic life.

Curatorial Committee

Two diverse Muslim women writers, a Reform Rabbi and author, a trans Jewish poet, and a non-religious visual artist comprise DIP’s curatorial committee. Click here to read full bios.

To Submit

Submission guidelines are here. There is no fee to submit. Submission period is Jan 15- April 15