My latest piece at Altmuslimah. A deep magenta shalwar chemise lay draped on the bed. I had not worn such things in years, but today, while visiting a Washington, D.C. suburb, a Pakistani aunty told me to come over to her house and pick one out. I selected the one with the richest hue possible […]

This Is What It Is Like To Date A Writer

1. You will think that she is the coolest thing in the world. A fabulous, A-plus writer. 2. She will bend and stretch all the latitudes and cartographic lines of your known world and draw maps with her words that you won’t understand. You will want to swim the waters she pours into those rivers, […]

Description: Single Female/ Superpower: Writing

If you are a single woman who seriously writes, this can be a serious issue. I am a writer with a few books in bookstores around the United States. One book is translated into French and resides in Canadian bookstores. I have heard there are eight graders at a Florida middle school reading my first […]