Top Muslim Women on Twitter

I am super honored to be included in this list as a “storyteller.” Click the link below to see who is who among Muslim female academics, activists, writers, policy makers, and splendidly awesome women. CLICK HERE. DO IT. 

I am a Muslim Woman: This is My Power

I’m trying to find myself. Cliched, I know. But bear with me. Here is the breakdown: Over the past 1 1/2 years, I’ve had to rebuild from a leaving a global marriage where I raised five step-kids and my son with a husband who lived abroad. I didn’t work (how could I, the only adult […]

Slow on the Straight Path: A Muslim’s Guide to Being Real

I am still redefining my Islam, this is where I start: It is an Opening (such as the first ayah in the Qu’ran) rather than a closing. It makes me accessible to humanity, compassion, and kindness. Being a Muslim places upon me the duty for righteous acts and justice, but not in a way that is demeaning and judgmental to others. This compassion extends to my own being — learning to still feel that I am worthy and OK even in prayers missed or in those ever frequent moments that I fall short of God’s glory.

When You’re Too Cool For The Boys

 “But, you are so cool!” This is what one guy told me as he was breaking up with me after a short-lived yet well-matched relationship. He ended the budding romance because I anonymously blogged about him – and I wrote only good things, mind you.  Apparently, it was too much, and he disappeared from my […]