beached apple

This is a true story. A psychic-vampire friend, someone who has been on TV more than once or twice, personally delivered a magical ritual to help sever my romantic attachment to a doomed, failed affair. You do understand, of course, that these rituals aren’t really magical except in the sheer will that we put in […]


Slow on the Straight Path: A Muslim’s Guide to Being Real

I am still redefining my Islam, this is where I start: It is an Opening (such as the first ayah in the Qu’ran) rather than a closing. It makes me accessible to humanity, compassion, and kindness. Being a Muslim places upon me the duty for righteous acts and justice, but not in a way that is demeaning and judgmental to others. This compassion extends to my own being — learning to still feel that I am worthy and OK even in prayers missed or in those ever frequent moments that I fall short of God’s glory.