So, There is this American-Muslim girl who investigates the paranormal….

Deonna Kelli Sayed is an author and member of Haunted North Carolina (HNC).  The group has been active in field investigation since 1992 HNC representatives have  appeared on Ghost Hunters (season 2), Travel Channel’s Legends, and A&E’s Paranormal State, among others.

She is fairly new to the “paranormal community” having entered field investigation in 2008 when she returned to the US after living abroad with her husband, a United Nations diplomat.  Deonna  acknowledges the past few years have been one of the most intense periods of intellectual growth.  The rich and complex dynamics of the paranormal field are compelling as few avocations allows one to delve so intimately into spirituality, psychology, science, and social dynamics.

Her profile in the paranormal field is unique. She is a practicing Muslim with global experience. Having lived and traveled throughout Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, Deonna has always had one ear on history and the other on haunts. She has conducted official paranormal related research in Egypt and the Kingdom of Bahrain.  Her academic background in  cultural geography, with an emphasis on social theory and postmodern thought, allows her to ponder larger social and cultural meanings around paranormal intrigue.

Deonna’s writing experience is as anomalous as her identity. Her political commentary on Afghanistan has appeared in Foreign Policy in Focus, and as editorials in various international newspapers.  While in the Kingdom of Bahrain, she was a feature writer and columnist for Women This Month Bahrain and FACT Magazine Bahrain.   Deonna was also a co-founder of the Persian Gulf’s most prolific grassroots creative arts groups, Elham. She also conducted creative writing workshops while abroad.

She has lectured on a variety of issues, including topics from women in Islam to paranormal presentations. Deonna also makes regular media appearances and currently co-hosts  THINK TANK  at every other Thursday evening, 9 pm EST.

On the paranormal end, her work is featured in TAPS Paramag and at

Paranormal Obsession: America’s Fascination with Ghosts & Hauntings, Spooks & Spirits, is Deonna’s first published book. At some point, she will gently move into literary fiction.

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