Ask A Muslim Anything!

Thank goodness for local independent bookstores, especially Scuppernong Books in Greensboro, N.C. Scuppernong is brave and mighty; braver than some of our current politicians who want to close doors (and borders) to all things Muslim. The bookstore is providing space for everyday, average folks to meet everyday, ordinary folks who happen to be Muslim during a […]

Top Muslim Women on Twitter

I am super honored to be included in this list as a “storyteller.” Click the link below to see who is who among Muslim female academics, activists, writers, policy makers, and splendidly awesome women. CLICK HERE. DO IT. 

Baraka Filled Poetry: Unicorn Press

I am deeply honored to share the story of Unicorn Press, a small independent poetry press that is a legend in America’s literary culture. _____________________ Coffee Shop, Greensboro, North Carolina: He always arrived by bike, and he sat in one particular seat that I came to know as “that guy’s spot.” He carried peculiar tools […]