Ask A Muslim Anything!

Thank goodness for local independent bookstores, especially Scuppernong Books in Greensboro, N.C.

Scuppernong is brave and mighty; braver than some of our current politicians who want to close doors (and borders) to all things Muslim.

The bookstore is providing space for everyday, average folks to meet everyday, ordinary folks who happen to be Muslim during a three month series called “Ask A Muslim Anything!”  The first event will take place Jan 5th at 7 pm and will be an informal discussion featuring a diverse group of Muslims (moms, dads, artists, writers, immigrants, American-born, you name it) on any topic that comes up relating to Islam and Muslimy things. Bring your questions– the ones who’ve always wanted to ask — and we will do our best to answer with humor and compassion.

If you are in the N.C. Triad area (or anywhere within driving distance), save the date.

More details to come!

One response to “Ask A Muslim Anything!”

  1. That’s a welcoming initiative! I hope they replicate that in other states and cities as well.

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