Baraka Filled Poetry: Unicorn Press


I am deeply honored to share the story of Unicorn Press, a small independent poetry press that is a legend in America’s literary culture.


Coffee Shop, Greensboro, North Carolina:

He always arrived by bike, and he sat in one particular seat that I came to know as “that guy’s spot.” He carried peculiar tools and odd accruements of the literary sort. Some days, I’d watch him as he spooled thread between his teeth before looping it through a needle.

Then, he would stitch pages together.

One day, I finally asked “that guy” to explain his high strangeness, to appease my interest in his erudite manner: He told me his name was Andrew Saulters, and that he was making books.

Not just any books, he pointed out. Andrew is an apprentice at Unicorn Press, a small, primarily poetry press located in Greensboro’s Glenwood Books. Unicorn Press, established in 1966 by Al Brilliant and his late wife, Teo Savory, isn’t just a small press publishing hand bound collections of poetry. The press is a force — a legend — something spectacular in America’s literary history.

Read more here.

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