And Life Continues with A Little Podcast


There isn’t so much that makes me happy. The list is small but sturdy: I seek great prose, an interesting conversation, inspired spaces, kind folk.

In an effort to seek happy things, I upgraded some of my digital audio equipment from my ghost hunting days and started canvasing my local world for interesting people and spaces. I wanted to engage vibrant stories, the kind meaty and energized. This coincided with an effort to make 2015 a productive and creative year. My motto these days: Chase joy.

A Little Podcast is my effort at the chase. I haven’t felt this inspired in a long, long time. This audio project is my new boyfriend. Seriously. I plan to cuddle this one in a strong way.

I want the podcast to feature my journey as a writer as I explore intersections between story, personality, and space. The first episode highlights the direction I want the effort to go:  I speak with Brian Lampkin, one owner of Scuppernong Books, a local independent bookstore in Greensboro, NC that opened late 2013. Our conversation touches on the roles intellectual space, Third Space, and writing play in creating sustainable communities. Celebrate the joy with me and visit my Tumblr site. This isn’t the old Deonna. A new broad is in town.

Help me spread the word. Seriously.

Be my co-conspirator in spreading some mother fucking joy.

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