Love Letter To Single Sisters

2015-05-06 11.33.30

Dear Single Sisters,

Lately, I’ve run into a lot of fabulous, beautiful single women who can’t find someone brave enough to show up for them.

I am one of those women, just like you. We are beautiful, growing in our solitude, and looking for someone fearless and strong enough to rock our world.

Life gets hard over here in the land of no-rocking, so let me tell you something about prayer and loneliness.

I’ve been on my knees. Many times, in fact, with a prayer rug and loneliness spread beneath me. And while bending down on that rug, I’ve wailed something awful. I’ve screamed until I tasted blood in the back of my throat, and blood and salty tears is the most pitiful, foulest drink to swallow. It tastes like decaying flesh. It is death.

Sometimes, it tastes like being born again.

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