Rain, Writing, and Storytelling

A lot has happened over the past few months.  Lots of good stuff! August welcomed the release of Faithfully Feminist: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Feminists on Why We Stay (White Cloud Press). I produced a podcast featuring several Muslim contributors to the anthology. What an honor to hear from women about their journey of faith […]

Slow on the Straight Path: A Muslim’s Guide to Being Real

I am still redefining my Islam, this is where I start: It is an Opening (such as the first ayah in the Qu’ran) rather than a closing. It makes me accessible to humanity, compassion, and kindness. Being a Muslim places upon me the duty for righteous acts and justice, but not in a way that is demeaning and judgmental to others. This compassion extends to my own being — learning to still feel that I am worthy and OK even in prayers missed or in those ever frequent moments that I fall short of God’s glory.

A Sufi Jedi Warrior’s Guide to Stealthy Living

(Excerpt) Some months after taking off the hijab, you go to the halaal meat store. You say Salaam Alaikum. The two Arab brothers look at you, then at each other, and return a short, simple salaam. You know what this means. Without the hijab, they don’t know if they are safe with you, or not. […]

Facing the World With No Hijab

We are all on individual faith journeys. Just as mine declared it was time to put it on, I came to a point in my wanderings when it was time to take it off.