beached apple

This is a true story. A psychic-vampire friend, someone who has been on TV more than once or twice, personally delivered a magical ritual to help sever my romantic attachment to a doomed, failed affair. You do understand, of course, that these rituals aren’t really magical except in the sheer will that we put in […]

one day, on a day like today, i will call you

one day, maybe a day like today, when the sky has swallowed grey and belched out clean, white snow, i will call you up, just like that, to belch my own odes of forgiveness and mercy, to tell you how much i missed you during these slow days –and how so many other things fell into […]

To Be a Cowgirl in Love and Life

I left my marriage the end of 2011. The details are complicated. I spent 12 years raising an assortment of my ex-husband’s five children. The son I had with him made six. Our marriage failed for the same reason many marriages do: we grew apart. In the year after I left, I grew to love […]