one day, on a day like today, i will call you

one day, maybe a day like today, when the sky has swallowed grey and belched out clean, white snow, i will call you up, just like that, to belch my own odes of forgiveness and mercy, to tell you how much i missed you during these slow days –and how so many other things fell into […]

Coming To Terms With The Stillness

Early December I work at an outpatient mental health facility. A nurse pulls me aside and says,” Someone told me that you are a writer! And that you’ve published books.” Very few know this about me. Stunned, I smile, and explain, “Yes, I am a writer. I do have two books on bookshelves across America […]

The Moment I Realized That I Was Good

Let me detail my faults before I showcase my better parts. I am not a patient person. This is unfortunate. I am actively trying to identify deep zen moments when I  become particularly impetuous about my being in the world. I cannot say that I always have a great deal of success, but I am […]