Rants of a Forty-Year Old Divorced White American Muslim Writer

It isn’t easy being a forty-year old divorced white American Muslim woman who is a writer. That label doesn’t bring the boys to your yard — or even to your inbox. At forty years old, if you are a white American Muslim woman who has lived throughout the Muslim world, you are ready for a […]

This Is What It Is Like To Date A Writer

1. You will think that she is the coolest thing in the world. A fabulous, A-plus writer. 2. She will bend and stretch all the latitudes and cartographic lines of your known world and draw maps with her words that you won’t understand. You will want to swim the waters she pours into those rivers, […]

Google Me. I Dare You.

  Intellectual curiosity is a required trait if you want to be in my world. I Google anything and anybody that I find interesting, This is meant as a compliment.  I like being able to obtain instant information on almost any topic in existence. Knowledge is power, and being able to access knowledge in 4.5 […]