Sky Writing

Sky X

I love him 

let me imagine a life
    outside of it
let me melt
    myself wider
       into a different space

under a new sky
    one without the clouds always
    forming the shape of his name

One response to “Sky Writing”

  1. Deonna: You are a woman of great depth. I have read all the posts in this blog. I tell my friends of you, “I’ve found this great blogger, she’s a poet, a Muslim, and she speaks my language”. I love your blog. I love your writing. I love your narrative. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being so real, so honest, so true. I find beauty in your struggles. I write too. Recently it’s been poetry.

    I’ll share with a piece that you may relate to…in which I dedicate to all of those loving, losing, struggling, for all of those people with wandering souls, for all of them with scars in their hearts, for those swimming in pain, for the ones who are lost, or those trying to right their wrongs, for all of those people fighting battles of forgiveness. As you learn to find your way in this beautifully messy space called life, may my words, in this poem, travel into your life and connect with your narrative, your story. It’s deep, it’s symbolic, it’s vulnerable…it’s ME. With love: A Beautiful Dance.:

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