Operation Restoration

I am honored to be a volunteer (of sorts) at a local historic landmark, Korner’s Folly. The home is unique in many ways. It is a happy version of the Winchester House. There is a Willy Wonka type appeal in the home’s many oddities: tight staircases, tiny doors, and unique decorations. America’s first community theater is on the top floor, resplendent with a charming stage and room for an audience of sixty. The builder, Jule Korner, was an artist, intellectual, and an interior/furniture designer. He is also the father of America’s first advertising campaign for Bull Durham tobacco with his bulls painted on barns along river and rail runs across the South.In addition to the location’s unique history and architecture, many paranormal teams have confirmed the place seems to have a “spirit” layer, as well. It is truly America’s Strangest Home, in all the right ways.

Like many historic properties, the location is facing challenges with fundraising and restoration efforts. I encourage those who live in the local area to pay a visit and support this landmark.  If you are driving through NC, make plans to visit this Korner’s Folly. You’ve never seen anything like it.

One response to “Operation Restoration”

  1. What an interesting place. I would love to visit sometime. Great idea to share it in your blog.

    Any perks for a volunteer like investigation time?

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