Thoughts of a Wasat Girl: The Way Will Be Made Clear

My latest column at Love, Inshallah.

Love, InshAllah

A “Wasat Girl” embraces being in-between multiple cultures, because this transcultured space is  globalism living out loud. It was where culture happens, the place of power, that middle space – “wasat” culture


I am at a coffee shop sitting across from a man far younger than any of my previous coffee companions.  “I don’t know much about Islam,” he says.

“Whatever you know, it probably isn’t right,” I comment.

“So,” he asks. “On a scale of 1-10, just how Muslim are you?”

His question is sincere. I don’t know to answer. I feel pretty good about my Muslimness some days.  During those moments, I’m a seven. Most other times, I feel that I don’t even register on the ratings scale. I am pathetically depleted, unsure of where to put all of these complexities, the wasatnessof being in-between a white girl and globalized Islam;  someone who is currently rebooting…

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