On Writing and Bike Riding

I started (re)riding a bike. It reminded me of the writing process.

Love, InshAllah


I started bicycle riding a few months ago after a twenty-five year lull. A fellow writer sold me the bike. She looked concerned when I ceremoniously mounted the saddle and peddled away.  I rode a few yards before losing my breath and compromising public safety.

“Um, do you think this is such a good idea?” she asked. I couldn’t hide my wobble. I jerked the handlebars with such violent imprecision that she became visibly nervous.

“I advise that you wear a helmet,” she commented.

I took off the next day to explore the greenway beside my home. One mile in and I became certain that others on the path were secretly laughing at my amateur swerve and heavy breathing.

A week later, I ventured even farther, my lung capacity stretching to accommodate this newfound distance. I discovered hidden geographies and alternate passages to new places that I had missed while…

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  1. Hi,

    I am writing this because I know you are interested in paranormal stuff and you might help me to get answerd. I know that you have been to Bahrain and as I understand you investigated its paranormal history. I have experienced a lot and if you are willing to help that would be cool.

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