Things To Take Into Account

My latest from Loveinshallah.

Love, InshAllah


I became Muslim in my early 20s. During those early years, I would entertain myself on nights when I couldn’t fall asleep by conjuring a story where a mythical creature occupied the rural family cemetery beside my childhood home. This idea actually started with something I dreamt involving an early explorer to America who had lost his way. Somehow, in his travels through out the New World, he slipped through a portal that would later become a traditional grave house over the oldest marked plot.

This creature was a Muslim from some undisclosed foreign land, and he’d fallen through the cracks of time and space while exploring the uncharted territory of early America (where all things were possible, including bending the nature of reality). Occasionally, he would pop into my contemporary world from another dimension.

I’d often find him perched on a high limb of a fragrant and large magnolia tree in…

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One response to “Things To Take Into Account”

  1. Keith Carpenter Avatar
    Keith Carpenter

    Enjoy your writing and musings very much! Miss you and think about you every day! Hope you are doing well. Would love to talk to you sometime, but I know you are always busy! Lol!

    Wishing you the best this world has to offer, dear friend.

    Always, Keith

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