Paranormal Obsession

My first book, Paranormal Obsession: America’s Fascination with Ghosts, Haunting, Spooks, & Spirits is available for pre-order! This book is a little different. It is not a collection of ghost stories or case files, but more of a discussion regarding the impact of paranormal reality TV on American society. In the book I speak with academics, scientists, representatives from historic locations, and paranormal investigators (both famous and not). There are interviews conducted specifically for the book with various cast members from paranormal reality TV, in addition to those who have been ghost huntin’ long before TV took notice.

Paranormal Obsession will be available on 9/8/2011. Of course, one can pre-order at Amazon or at Barnes and Nobles. However, ordering it directly from my publisher, Llewellyn, ensures that you will receive a copy two weeks before everyone else. I do believe the book will also be available in e-format.

Here is a sneak peek at the Table of Contents:

Part I: The Emergence of the Specter

Chapter 1: American Roots

Chapter 2: The Holy Spirit

Chapter 3: There’s a Science to This?

Part II: From TV Land to the Backyard

Chapter 4: There is a Ghost in My TV

Chapter 5: Körner’s Folly

Chapter 6: USS North Carolina

Part III: Crossing Over

Chapter 7: I’ve Got a Ghost! Make me a Star!

Chapter 8: Yes, the Covered Chick is a Ghost Hunter

And…the introduction to the chapter, “There’s a Science to this?” (this chapter looks at the relationship between paranormal investigation and science):

At some point in late 1800s, an anomalous event—a miracle, perhaps—occurred at the intersection of two dimensions. In one, there was Ms. Medium, an attractive, ethereal, intriguing specimen. Sexy in her own way, this talking-to-the-dead stuff made her very appealing. In a parallel world, there was this guy named Mr. Science. He was tall and distinguished; a testosterone-endowed fellow. There was a thinning of the veils and the two met, shook hands, embraced, and eventually parted ways. However, it was later revealed a lovechild was conceived and left to roam between the realms. The child grew strong and multiplied, and today has descendants called paranormal investigators, who wander and wonder wildly, fervently, trying to reclaim their father’s birth rights, while others remember their mother and call her a whore.

One response to “Paranormal Obsession”

  1. Hello,

    I am a graduate student in New York and I am currently taking a class on Hauntings in America which focuses on American fascination with ghosts and the paranormal primarily in literature and film.

    I am doing my final project on ghost-filled American television shows from the 1940’s to the present. My focus is why Americans are so drawn to ghost stories and what it is about the paranormal that fascinates us so.

    I have not had much luck in finding research on American television shows. I have a list of shows that include mystery and the supernatural spanning from the early 20th century to today, but as far as any concrete research, I am at a loss.

    I happened to come across your book and I noticed that chapter four seems to focus on television ghosts and presumably the supernatural. Because your book does not come out until September (and my class ends at the beginning of May) I was wondering if you could offer me some guidance as to where I might find some more information on my topic.

    Thank you for your time and good luck with your first published work!

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