Historical Sites Supporting Paranormal Investigation: Korner’s Folly

America's First Community Theater
Cupid's Park in Korner's Folly

On June 4th, the Korner’s Folly Foundation is sponsoring a unique event for North Carolina and Virginia-based paranormal investigators, “Improving Investigation with History, Science, and Ethics.” This fundraising event is aimed at serious investigators in the area and all proceeds go to the site’s Operation Restoration. Tickets are $40 and the event is from 2:30-11 pm EST.

This gathering is special in a variety of ways. First, it is the result of a supportive, cooperative relationship between a historic site, Korner’s Folly, and the paranormal community. The inaugural investigation took place in 2009 by the Southern Paranormal & Anomaly Research Society (SPARS). The results were so impressive that a press conference presenting the evidence in the home garnered media attention throughout North Carolina. That event changed the way many identify with this historic landmark, and this process (as well as evidence recovered) is discussed in my forthcoming book. In short, this experience provides a case study demonstrating how public paranormal interest was taken off of the TV screen and experienced right in our backyard.

The forthcoming event is unique because it is sponsored and organized by the property as opposed to teams or paranormal talent management companies. Many successful, enjoyable paratainment events occur on a monthly basis and are organized by local groups, TV personalities, or companies like Ideal Event Management and D-Mentd Entertainment. The best site to find out about all events is Everythingparanormal.net.

However, it is a bit uncommon for a historical site itself to foster education, networking, and community building within the local paranormal community. Korner’s Folly is proud to be a part of that.

Finally, the forthcoming gathering is not about personalities or persona, but focused on learning how to become a better investigator. The Foundation’s Director, Bruce Frankel, will speak about how  paranormal interest has benefited the location. Representatives from Haunted NC will discuss historical research and scientific takes on the paranormal, while a Reverend will address spiritual aspects. A university-based researcher will share how to make investigations more scientific (for real) and unveil research on EVP interpretation.  Joe Wright from P.S.I. in NC shares the work of his team, including some of their prototype equipment. There will be time to brainstorm and network, as well as an opportunity to tour the home and see/ hear evidence from investigations.

There is a Ghost Hunt on Friday, June 3rd, for the general public. Those tickets are $25 and are extremely limited in number. Again, all proceeds go to Korner’s Folly.

What a fabulous way to celebrate support between historic sites and the paranormal community! It is also a wonderful chance to network and learn. Support this unique event on June 4th. This type of gathering may not happen again.

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