I am so proud to know this woman — Rajae El Mouhandiz!

Sound Addictions

rajaeThe American writer Deonna Kelli Sayed recently wrote an excellent article on the Dutch-Muslim singer Rajae (aka Rajae El Mouhandiz) who has just completed a new short film, ¡Hope!, about Muslim women in the music industry and performing arts. Born in Morocco to an Algerian mother and Moroccan father, Rajae has just released a sunshiny new single, “Gracefully.” Along with being the first North African to be admitted into the Dutch Conservatory and founding her own record label, Truthseeker Records, Rajae has so far released two albums, Incarnation (2006) and Hand of Fatima (2009). Her third album will be released later this year.

Gracefully (2013)

Malcolm Lateef Shabazz (2009)


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